• Terminal console with IPython command-line debugger, and additional terminal consoles as desired.
  • Multi-file text editor similar to the Gnome editor Gedit
  • A project management page where the debugged program can be imported from or exported to the journal in the standard Sugar zipped XO format, and where copies of the installed activites can be made, inspected, modified, and debugged.
  • Offline help which includes a collection of information about Sugar Activties, Python, Debugging strategies.
  • Specific documentation about tips and techiques to get maximum benefit from PyDebug
  • Breakpoint, single stepping, examination of variables and post mortem analysis after unhandled python exceptions — all part of the ipython package.
  • Automatic XO bundle, manifest generation, and simplified svg icon generator for rapid Activity prototyping.
  • Sandbox execution of debugged activity in a separate process.
  • Synchronization of uncaught exceptions and errors with the integrated tabbed multi-file editor
  • A simplified revision control system via dated snapshots of your activity to secure digital flash card or USB stick.
  • A set of loadable, debugable example Activities and templates, which demonstrate how to use various features of the XO.

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